Kuuk was born from the passion for doing what makes us happy

We fell in love with Finnish birch plywood so much that we also wanted to help other artists and business owners develop their own plywood product families with their brands. Our store was named after "Kuukkeli" (Siberian Jay), the mystical soul bird of the northern forests.

Siberian Jay is most easily encountered in the barren forests of the north, on the trunks of old gnarled trees, especially in winter. These smallest crow birds in the north venture into the courtyards of dwellings, hermitages and campfires – where nature meets a traveller, and the beak could pick up food scraps to fill the stomach.

Siberian Jay has been described as a soul bird, to which a person's soul reincarnates after death. Its unique feature has been considered to be the ability to bring happiness, because for hunters and those doing forest work, the appearance of Siberian Jay on the spot has heralded smooth work and a nice catch. Similarly, our upsell products bring happiness and success to our partners and your brand!

Unique and environmentally friendly additional sales products are born from the will to do what excites us – for those who work passionately with their brand. We are inspired by Finnish nature, folkstories, fells, forests and starry skies. Can we fly with Kuukkeli to say hello and get inspired by your brand?

"The smell of smoke crept into my nose strongly when the first flames of the campfire made the wooden billets bang. My cheeks were tingly and red, around me a frozen shoreline and peace. I was rustling some sandwiches out of my backpack when a small bird flew by. Kuukkeli looked curiously, waved his tail and jumped around. After getting the breadcrumb, it again flew towards the back of the lake and the soon-to-be twinkling starry sky. That's when I realized that this is freedom!"

Photo ©Miia Siukola

Who are we?

Graphic Designer

For me, art is a way to process emotions and tell stories. In the background of each project is frantic thinking and my love for creation. I get excited and throw myself into customer projects with all my heart to bring the customers' ideas to life with our beautiful plywood products. I also work in Ideabutiikki as business owner. In my spare time, I enjoy my time in forests and handicrafts.

Graphic Designer
Ninja Renvall

Clients & Sales

When you want unique upsell products, contact me. I am happy to tell you more!

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