Unique and ecological upsell products

Toteutamme yrityksille koivuvanerista valmistettuja tuoteperheitä. Tuotteet voivat olla esimerkiksi koruja, avaimenperiä, pinssejä tai magneetteja – tai jotain aivan muuta! Aloita tilaamalla design tai tutustu tilaamalla Kuukin oman valikoiman tuotteita.

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Unique & Ecological Plywood Product Family

Let's get excited about your brand; let's design a plywood product family that looks like your company.

Vanerituoteperhe – Aloituspaketti MAX – KORUT:

  • We assemble, pack and send the products to you ready for sale.
  • The products are made from environmentally friendly 3 mm thick FSC and PEFC-certified Finnish birch plywood.
  • The metal parts of the jewellery are silver-plated and do not contain nickel.
  • The necklace cord is made of cotton, and it can be adjusted to the desired length.
  • Jewellery and pins are attached to individualized background cardboard. Depending on your choice, the background will include a standard description, your company's logo, social media channels, website address or other information you want. The background cardboard is recycled.
  • You can also order separately display rack for products to showcase them.

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