Creative Agents Office Ltd, Company register VAT number FI31644802, Address: Silmukkatie 21; sells products to companies in European Union. These delivery terms apply to ordering products or services in our online store and similar deliveries.

Our delivery conditions are valid from 19 April 2022. We can change the delivery conditions unilaterally occasionally, so please familiarize yourself with our delivery conditions in advance every time you order products from our online store.

Our plywood products are made from high-quality wood with AB surface quality. AB surface quality means that there are no knots, spots or colour defects on the surface of the plywood. Since wood is a natural product, its surface may vary in colour, pattern and texture.

Wood has its own natural color, which affects the appearance of your products. It makes the printed colours appear slightly darker, especially compared to the image displayed on the computer screen.

Suppose you are still determining the final result of your print on wood. In that case, we recommend ordering a sample before placing the order. We do not edit or convert your image before printing.

We only use PEFC and FSC-certified wood with low VOC emissions according to the M1 classification. Our products do not have safety certificates for suitability for food use or use by children. The products should not be in direct contact with food.

All our products are designed for indoor use and should not come into contact with chemicals or solvents. These substances may affect the material of the product or the printed image.

The service and the prices for the service:

Our service includes the assembly and branding of plywood products. You get the products with the turnkey concept so that you can put the products on sale directly.

We cooperate with Ideabutiikki Ltd (www.ideabutiikki.fi). We can add your products for sale in Ideabutiikki Oy's online store as long as the products fit Ideabutiikki's selection. In this case, we photograph the products, take care of the mailing and advertise (organic) products on Ideabutiiki's social media channels with a 40% sales commission. Ideabutiikki's partners are billed twice a year (August and February).

Our production has a quality standard of at least 95%. (Generally, customers receive 100% perfect products in most orders). For example, out of 95 products, you may receive five products with minor errors. Our production has an alignment tolerance of +/-0.5mm. The alignment of the cut and print of the products may thus move +/-0.5mm in its direction.

The characteristics and prices of the online store's products are presented in connection with the service presentation of each service. The prices of our services include taxes, which appear in the order confirmation. We reserve the right to change fees and delivery costs, so please check prices from the shopping cart before you accept the order.

Shipping costs

The shipping costs may be charged for the order depending on the product/service (e.g. weight, packaging) and the chosen delivery method. They are automatically added to the total order amount. You can see the shipping costs charged for your order (if shipping costs are charged) in your shopping cart before you accept the order.

Ordering and contract

You can order the service or our products on the homepage of our online store by moving them to the shopping cart, confirming the order, and paying for the contents of the shopping cart in the payment service. When ordering from our online store, you must familiarize yourself with and agree to our delivery conditions, which are valid at any time. You understand that your order, which you have accepted and confirmed by us, is, except for what is mentioned later about the right of cancellation, binding and creates a contract between us with these terms of delivery.

We need the following information for your order: Company name, contact person, delivery address, possible reference, delivery contact person, phone number and email address.

Our production time lives with other orders, so if you need your product on a specific date, you should let us know before confirming the order.

Payment and payment methods

You can pay for your order using the payment methods described in the online store and selectable in the shopping cart.

Order and payment confirmation

After a successful order, an order confirmation will be sent to your e-mail, so you enter your e-mail address when you place the order. The payment method used is also confirmed in the order confirmation.

If, for some unexpected reason, we cannot confirm your order, and we will notify you by email as soon as possible.

Shipping method

We will deliver your order using one of the available delivery methods mentioned on our website, which you choose when placing your order.

Delivery time

Our most common delivery times for the EU region are 2-4 weeks, depending on the order and delivery method. More precise times will be announced with the product options.

Transmission check, error and problem situations

Please check the delivery as soon as you receive it. If the product has been lost or damaged during transport or otherwise does not correspond to your order or is incorrect, please contact us immediately within eight days and send us photos of possible transport damage to the package and the product.

Suppose there are more defects in the product than the 5% tolerance of our production allows. In that case, we can refund the defective products as a percentage of the order price. The refund can be given as a discount code for the next order or as monetary compensation.

According to EU consumer rights law, custom-made products cannot be returned for a refund, as the products cannot be reused or resold. Suppose the product has been produced correctly to meet the customer's order, with no production errors. In that case, the product cannot be returned.

Customer service

Our customer service will help you with questions related to your order. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us, either by e-mail or by phone:



Our customer service is available on weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m

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