Starter Bundle MINI 45 – ACCESSORIES

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Brand products made of certified Finnish birch plywood that match your company's look support additional sales. Plywood products are printed and laser-cut according to your wishes! We also make products for artists from their own designs.

  •  We assemble, pack and send the products to you ready for sale.
  • The products are made from environmentally friendly 3 mm thick FSC and PEFC-certified Finnish birch plywood.
  • The metal parts of the jewellery are silver-plated and do not contain nickel.
  • The necklace cord is made of cotton, and it can be adjusted to the desired length.
  • Jewellery and pins are attached to individualized background cardboard. Depending on your choice, the background will include a standard description, your company's logo, social media channels, website address or other information you want. The background cardboard is recycled.
  • You can also order separately display rack for products to showcase them.


Starter Kit MINI – ACCESSORIES contains 45 products from one (1) design. Note that the number of product groups is not limited; you can order products from all jewellery groups!

Resell value of the products 450-675 €

We'll send the meeting invitation starting at 9 am, 12 am or 15 am. Please pick the time!
Choose standard information or your own information for the background cardboard.
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How to order:

  • In your order, specify which product groups (earrings and necklaces, key chains, magnets, pins) you want the illustration design for.
  • You can book an appointment for an illustration design session, and you can also attach additional information for the design to your order.
  • You will receive the first design in your email in about a week. Once the design is approved, the production time is about three weeks.
  • Follow-up orders with the same illustration and amounts are cheaper because the illustration disc already exists.
  • If you have questions, we would love to help you!



Environmental friendliness is a significant value for us and is also reflected strongly in our materials. The products are made from FSC- and PEFC-certified Finnish birch plywood, which is durable and light. We use only AB surface quality plywood in our products, which has no cracks, deformations or stains. The jewellery parts are silver-plated and do not contain nickel. The cord of the necklaces is cotton. The backboards of the products are recycled cardboard. We reuse the packaging materials for mailing and adequately recycle the generated waste.


You can pay in one or two instalments. If you pay in two instalments, we will send a 50% invoice when we start a product design and another 50% invoice when the products arrive. If you pay in two parts, we add an invoicing surcharge of €4.90. We charge a postage fee of €8.90. Indicate additional information at checkout under whether you want to pay in one or two instalments.


We use ecological materials, such as recycled cardboard and FSC-certified birch plywood.

Upsell value

The sales value for the entrepreneur is 2-3 times the products, depending on what kind of products you order.


The appearance of the products is designed with a heart to listen carefully to your brand's values.


The products are delivered pre-assembled and branded to your company, ready to put out for additional sales.

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